Years of production

For over 70 years, we assisting customers in achieving their goals


Manufactured Machines

Over 7,000 machines produced and distributed worldwide


Satisfied Customer

We support over 1600 clients with customized solutions


Maximum focus on energy saving and EU standards

Our machines are manufactured in compliance with European safety regulations, particularly in accordance with the current Machinery Directive of the European Economic Community (EEC)

Our products


Automatic die-cutting machines

Automatic die-cutting machines represent the most versatile and customizable product

Beam die-cutting machines

Beam machine adopts large working areas and high cutting power

Traveling head die-cutting machines

Widely used in various industrial sectors, the travelling head machine is configurable in multiple sizes and available with the last generation of electric cutting

Water jet and knife cutting machines

Water jet and knife cutting machines

Swing beam die-cutting machines

These machines are the result of MAV's years of experience in traditional die-cutting applications