Swing beam die-cutting machines


The Spring Machine model features a die setup that operates with a precise electronic device, ensuring high die penetration accuracy. Particularly effective for small dies, the high precision reduces wear on the plastic board, and makes it easier to remove the die after cutting. For larger dies, a pressure switch enables automatic adaptation to different die heights, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustments at the bottom of the stroke unit. Swing beam machines are the outcome of MAV’s extensive experience in die-cut applications. These machines are designed for customers seeking a simple and economical product that is also qualified for various applications and reliable over the long term. Available in three different base sizes—900×450 mm, 1000×500 mm, and 1200×500 mm—they can meet diverse demands, supporting cutting forces ranging from 20 t to 27 t.

Technical features include:

  • A new hydraulic pump unit for achieving very low noise emission.
  • A new safety device to prevent the beam from descending when the machine is powered off.
  • New handles designed to accommodate control plungers with distance adjustment, lighting for the working area, an electronic batch counter, and side tables with bag support for containing cut parts or waste.
    rubber bellows for the material protection against accidental contact with the oil for the beam column lubrication
  • Column protection bellows
  • For specific models, the ability to move the machine using a simple manual pallet truck.

Technical data

Base size mm 900x430 900x450 1000x500 1200x500
Maximum power t 20 150
Arm width mm 370 380 and 500 380 and 500 500
Cutting stroke mm 80 100
Power of the pump motor HP 1 1,5
Working weight Kg 570 780 and 820 800 and 840 900