Automatic die-cutting machines


MAV has been manufacturing automatic die-cutting machines, which stand as the epitome of versatility and customization, for several decades. The cutting operation can be performed on both a cutting pad and a cutting belt, utilizing various material feeding systems and configurations of the fixed or rotating platen. It can be also equipped with automatic die change and automatic material loading devices. Our extensive experience and knowledge across diverse application sectors allow for the configurability of this production line in the following aspects:

  • With mobile carriage or platen die-cutting machines.
  • Cutting can be executed on a pad (plastic material sheet) or on a tape.
  • Various feeding methods include:
    • Motorized rubber roller (ATF)
    • Motorized rubber roller with conveyor belt (ATFS)
    • Grippers with conveyor belt (AGF)
    • Grippers with cutting belt (ACB)
    • Single or double sliding tray (AST)
    • Modular combinations of these systems
  • Fixed or rotating cutting plate
  • Automatic die change
  • Automatic ejection of the material through the die


Travelling head die-cutting machine: The cutting tool is mounted on the moving head that transversely positions itself across the material. The material progressing through the cutting area via the previously mentioned feeding systems. Also available in the QUASAR version with PC control and DIGICUT soft station.

New Feature: The EP (Electric Power) technology applied to the cutting axis ensures hundredth-millimeter precision and a reduction of the electrical consumption.


Fustellatrice automatica Blazar

Beam die-cutting machine: The head, with a width equal to the working area, allows the use of large dies, covering the material completely as it progresses through the cutting area via the previously mentioned material feeding systems. Available also with sliding beam.


FA 6

Compact model of travelling die-cutting machines developed in the following versions:

Technical data

Model Mav12 Mav13 Mav15 Mav7 Mav8 Mav4 Mav5
Power t. 30/34 30/34 30/34 45 45 72 72
Maximum piston stroke mm 150 150 150 120 120 120 120
A - Structure width mm 2100 2400 2780 2200 2650 2200 2650
Approach speed mm/sec - - - - - 77 77
Downward speed of the plate mm/sec 93/78 93/78 93/78 66 66 43 43
Upward speed of the plate mm/sec - - - - - 95 95
Translation speed of the carriage mm/sec 980 980 980 693 693 477 477
Base height mm 980 980 980 950 950 950 950
Clearance between plate and base mm 180 180 180 170 170 170 170

Available with material feeding systems ATF – ATFS – AGF – AGF/S – AST