American Dies

These blades, fitted into wooden supports, enable the creation of extensive die geometries with waste removal facilitated through expanded materials.

Steel tape dies

Shaped through bending, these dies are available with various blade tooth patterns.

Conveyor Belts

Customizable with various surface finishes and guiding systems, these belts can adapt to any existing system and/or transported material.

Solid Dies

Manufactured through CNC machining from a single block, this type of tool guarantees a wide variety of profiles, high precision, uniform cutting, and excellent wear resistance.

Cutting Pelts

A tool utilized for both blade support during cutting and material advancement. The high-density synthetic material ensures long-lasting durability and excellent cutting quality.
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These molds fulfill the criteria for speed, precision, and production repeatability, offering the capability to create full cuts, folds, engravings, and partial cuts.

Cutting Pads

Sacrificial material designed to preserve the blade's condition during the final detachment phase of the worked material. Available in various thicknesses, sizes, and densities according to processing needs.