Our history


In the 1940s, three ambitious siblings—two brothers and a sister—in the province of Pavia embarked on a mission to contribute to industrial development. Thus, Fratelli Allevi was born, crafting its initial products for the prestigious footwear sector in Vigevano, a town that would soon become a global epicenter for shoe production. In the 1960s, hydraulic systems were integrated to amplify cutting power, marking the Allevi siblings as pioneers in the industry. This era witnessed the birth of the MAV brand, an introduction that resonated worldwide. Meccanica Allevi Vigevano (MAV) progressively gained global acclaim, offering increasingly sophisticated models and fostering international collaborations to forge innovative, high-quality solutions. Today, under the MAV brand, a several of operational products caters to diverse industrial sectors, including textiles, footwear, packaging, seals, medical and healthcare, and abrasives. Drawing from decades of experience, the company supports clients globally. Since 2022, “Allevi Design & Development,” founded by the heirs, has infused a modern identity into the brand. The introduction of energy-saving technologies aligns with environmental needs, revitalizing product assistance through novel international relationships. Ongoing investments in research and development keep the company at the forefront, enabling leadership in the production of die-cutting machines for a spectrum of materials—from clothing, luggage, and saddlery to paper, packaging, seals, abrasives, foams, and synthetic materials. Offerings include the WATER JET system, facilitating precise cutting of rubber and synthetic materials with a high-pressure water jet. Additionally, the BLADE CUTTING TABLES stand out, designed for automatic nesting on various materials, and capable of multi-layer cutting for industrial applications across sectors like foams and packaging. All machines are crafted in adherence to European safety regulations, particularly the current Machinery Directive and subsequent integrations. Recognizing the paramount importance of a reliable partnership, Allevi Design provides customers with experience-backed quality and technical support. Collaborating closely with clients, the company designs tailor-made machines to meet specific needs. Leveraging automatic cutting management software, production planning, and real-time remote assistance capabilities, Allevi Design ensures comprehensive 360° support—yielding significant time and cost savings for its customers.